Afk Arena- Beginner’s Guide

Sometimes it becomes difficult to start out on a new venture whether it is related to business or even the entertainment front because there is cut throat competition in each and every field these days alongwith blatant nepotism where the elite class individuals try to pushover their spoilt brats over genuine talent.

However, we are going to take things on a lighter topic that concerns with entertainment because it is the most popular among the youth brigade right from the times of yore but today it has acquired a more upgraded and modern look.

During the 80s and 90s, video games and comic books were a norm and it was difficult to find a household that did not have either of them, especially the former where super Mario, Contra, Swat Kats, Ace Ventura, etc. were quite a craze.

New Era

Well now times have changed and while the video games have not lost their old world charm and continues to be an object of passion for the 90s generation, the newer kids on the block have the smartphones in their hands right from a tender age with much more advanced gadgetry.

AFK Arena is an excellent find in the recent times that has taken everyone by storm due to its thrilling adventures where there is a surprising element just around the corner at regular intervals that would distract you from the mission.

The new era of the 21st century has proved to be a savior for games that were losing their sheen due to the advent of social media where popular mediums Facebook, YouTube and Instagram had virtually taken the entire country into its grasp and had the pulse on every age group.

Fortunately, AFK Arena changed all that and soon became a favorite of game lovers who could now get away from Candy Crush Saga and Catch the Coins and satisfy the adventurer in them.

AFK Arena is an action packed adventure that was developed by Lilith Games but the makers were immensely skeptical of releasing it because there were already a dozen games that were still not tried out by the people so they didn’t have high hopes about their venture.

This might seem difficult to believe but Lilith Games were thinking of entering into a joint venture with other reputed companies like Nakamoto that invented Pokemon because they did not want their game to fizzle out even before it began, which had been the case with numerous other ones of similar genre.

Thankfully for them, AFK Arena became a roaring success and today you cannot find a smartphone in existence from Apple or Android that doesn’t have this in their list and this is a testimony of adventurous venture to have stood out among some of the best games in modern times.

Tips for New Entrants

While AFK Arena might be a game of thrills, you need to practice immensely in order to master it within a short span because the levels are quite tough and need to be managed with care.

Some important tips to do so are as follows:

  • While studying evocative invocations, use the collected gems in an orderly fashion and never borrow equipments from any stranger as you will find them eventually as the game progresses on
  • Create a tier list of heroes and dispose of the green ones as they are the weakest link in the army that are not meant for delicate missions
  • Preserve the rewards found during the different levels as they would come in use for the final lap of the journey where you battle powerful foes

On a final note, AFK Arena requires tremendous focus and a lot of patience to get through and is not for the faint hearted who are expecting a regular adventure with heroes, heroines and villains.

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