Significant Health Benefits of Drinking Natural Spring Water

Water is one of the most critical and crucial components of the body. Our body mainly composes of water. Without it, we won’t be able to function normally. Hence, it is really advisable to drink enough amount of water on a daily basis. Drinking regular water is certainly healthy. But if you drink high quality water, it could be a different and better story. This is now where spring water comes into the picture. As such, here are some of the significant health benefits that you can get by drinking natural spring water.

Healthy Life

Water is certainly essential for us to live a healthy life. According to studies, about 60 % of our body’s total weight is made up of water. Water is very crucial in several body functions. It regulates our body temperature, transports nutrients, moistens oxygen for breathing, helps our body to absorb essential nutrients and it helps us to breath normally. Our body needs water intake in a daily basis in order to function normally. However, not every individual needs the same amount of water intake. It varies with our activities, age and even weight. 

Reduce Health Complications

Another one of the significant spring water benefits is that it can reduce health complications and issues. As defined by the Canadian bottle association, spring water is natural water, which shall be collected from an underground source. Spring water is in its purest form. It contains trace elements and minerals that are essential to our body. Some of these elements include sodium, potassium, and magnesium. There are studies showing that heart diseases and osteoporosis can be significantly reduced by drinking water that has reasonable concentrations of calcium and magnesium. 

Cure Addictions

There are also studies suggesting that spring water can cure addictions. One study found that people who have long term addiction on cocaine, heroin and alcohol do not usually drink enough amount of water. But when the doctor had them drink high quality spring water, their addictions were significantly reduced. Other addictions such as caffeine, salt, and nicotine can also be reduced by drinking spring water. Certainly,  drinking spring water should be promoted and suggested by medical experts to those who are suffering from addiction. This is one of the easiest and simplest method towards their development and recovery.

Body Cells Oxygenation

Generally, our body needs 80% of water for it together with our brain to function normally. Without water, our body will have a hard time eliminating diseases and focusing. Additionally, our blood absorbs inhaled oxygen, which will then react with the food we take in order to produce heat and energy. This process is also known as metabolism. So basically, The less water we take, the slower our metabolism will be. In relation, when we add spring water to our diet, it will bring an additional oxygen to our body. This will boost the amount of good oxygen that our body releases and helps our body oxygenate better.

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