Common Myths About Plastic Surgery

If you are interested in plastic surgery but still undecided because there are several questions and lots of doubts in your mind about the procedure, you are in the right place. This article will provide you some of the common myths or misconceptions about plastic surgery. This will help you have a firm knowledge about the procedure. 

Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery are the same

One of the most common misconceptions of people about plastic surgery is that it is just the same with cosmetic surgery. But the truth is, these two kinds of surgery are definitely different from each other. Cosmetic surgery is only about making you look better. But plastic surgery is more on reconstructive surgery. This means that it has additional purpose of repairing a damage or defect due to a disease, trauma, or birth. Reconstructing a breast after cancer is an example of plastic surgery. 

Cosmetic surgeons need to be cosmetic surgery specialists

Another myth about plastic surgery is that surgeons who do cosmetic surgery need to be cosmetic surgery specialists. Yes, there are several kinds of specialists that perform cosmetic surgery such as ophthalmologists, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and ear, nose and throat doctors or also known as otolaryngologists. However, these medical professionals are not required to have an official certification in the field of cosmetic surgery to do it. Hence, as a patient or someone who is interested in trying plastic and cosmetic surgery, it is important to carefully choose your surgeon so you can have a successful and safe result.

Cosmetic Surgery is only for women

It is also one of the myths or misconceptions about plastic and cosmetic surgeries that it is only for women. Well, that is a total myth. According to study conducted in 2013, more than one million procedures and surgeries were made on men. This is way bigger than the number done in 1997. Most of the common procedures done to men are breast reductions, eyelid surgery, nose jobs, and liposuction and ear surgery. Hence, the world of cosmetic and plastic surgery is not only for women but also for all gender.

Breast implants can increase your chance of getting breast cancer

Another myth that people mistakenly believe to is that breast implants increase your risks of breast cancer. The Institute of Medicine and Masri clinic plastic surgery center state that there is no strong evidence that breast implants such as silicone breast implants can cause breast cancer or any other related diseases. But it is still recommended to have or do routine screenings for breast cancer in order to ensure that you are free from breast cancer because with or without implant, everyone can still get breast cancer. Always consult to your doctor for further assistance.

Breast surgery is only for women

As stated earlier, plastic and cosmetic surgeries are not only for women but for all gender as well. Hence, surgery to reduce the size of male breast is one of the common cosmetic procedures.


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