What Are Fertility Spas? Can They Help Us Conceive and Start a Family?

The stress of infertility and treatments adds even more pressure to a couple having problems trying to get pregnant. Since being relaxed is essential to conceiving, many couples are opting to visit a fertility spa. Fertility Spa’s, sometimes called wellness centers, combine relaxing traditional spa treatments with fertility boosting treatments. Most of these spas believe natural and holistic treatments help increase the chances for conception. If you are trying to start a family and encountering issues, a relaxing vacation to a fertility spa may be beneficial. Below are a few of the most well known fertility spas and wellness centers.

Glastonbury Naturopathic Center and Wellness Spa

18 School Street

Glastonbury, Connecticut 06033


Located in picturesque, historic Glastonbury you will find one of the most popular fertility spas in the United States. This wellness center and spa offers holistic treatments that can be used by themselves or with medical infertility treatments. This spa is proud to use only organic products for nails, facials and other spa treatments. The director of the center, Dr. Helene Pulnik ND, LAc is a naturopathic physician with over 25 years of experience.

For couples who are visiting to try to conceive they offer many types of fertility treatments. Their infertility treatments are based around acupuncture and the use of natural medicine. Their goal is to restore the body’s balance and natural cycles. This is to increase the body’s response to In vitro fertilization and intrauterine fertilization. The wellness center uses acupuncture and Chinese medicines to: improve the function of the ovaries and produce better eggs, restore blood flow to the uterus and ovaries, reduce stress, balance the immune system and improve sperm count. Here you can read some testimonials from have visited the Glastonbury fertility spa and their dream of having a baby was fulfilled.

Exhale Mind Body Spa

16 Locations Throughout the United States and One In The Caribbean

At this spa east is blended with west making a perfect blend at their well know holistic spa’s. You will find two locations in California, two in Florida, one in Georgia, one in Illinois, two in Massachusetts, seven in New York, one in Texas and even one on the island of Turks and Caicos. This spa offers unique fertility and reproductive wellness programs. They have programs that last three, six and nine months, so there is an option to suit everyone who wants help to conceive.

Mike Berkley, the founder of The Berkley Center for Reproductive Wellness is Exhale’s director of healing. Their Berkley method focuses on the treatment of reproductive disorders with the help of acupuncture, nutrition, yoga, massage therapy and herbal fertility medicine. At their caring facility they work with your OB/GYN, or reproductive Endocrinologist to increase your chances to get pregnant.Here you can get more information and learn about the prices and details of their fertility programs. Or if you wish to speak to a certain spa here you can click on the location and get their phone number and speak with someone directly.

The Raj

Fairfield, Iowa

1-800-248-9040 Extension #445

This health spa resort was voted “Best Medical Program” and “Best Boutique Spa” in 2008 by the spa finder awards. Open since 1993 their 36,000 square foot spa is situated on 100 acres in the middle of Iowa’s heartland. They have quickly gained the reputation of the premier Ayurveda Health Center in the United States. The health spa programs at The Raj have been featured on: CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, also in Newsweek, The New York Times and Elle magazine. Their treatment programs are designed to help restore balance and help the body’s natural healing mechanisms. Their studies have shown these treatments help In vitro fertilization and intrauterine fertilization be more successful.

They offer an in-resident fertility treatment program. Each program is individualized for each persons specific fertility needs. Some of the treatments in the fertility program include: stress management, rejuvenation therapy treatments, the removal of toxins and impurities and Ayurveda nutrition. You can see a detailed list of all the program treatments here. They believe these treatments are necessary for a healthy reproductive system, so you are able to conceive and get your family started. Learn more about the skin care at online search engines. There will be providing of complete information regarding the products used in medical spa. The running of the program should be smooth to offer plenty of advantages to the customers. A list of the skin care program at spa will be mentioned at the websites. 

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