Permanent Poverty Due to Student Loans

Committing suicide is not an option to resolving my huge student loan debt, or any problems.

In 1991, I was so proud to be the first college graduate in my immediate family. In 1992, I got my first job as a substitute teacher in one of the largest inner city school districts in Alabama. In 2012, I am still working as a substitute teacher earning $60 a day. Ironically, I completed three degrees, which includes two master’s degrees in education. I did teach two years as a regular full-time teacher, but the No Child Left Behind law of 2001 deemed me not “highly qualified.” Ironically, my students all earned the highest grades in years, took the National Spanish Exams for the first time, and I received outstanding commendations for my teaching skills and achievements.

However, I owe more than $180,000 in student loans, and one student loan lender is threatening to garnish and sue me for a $3,000 private student loan that I needed to assist me until I received federal student loans in graduate school. Yet, I know that I can’t be sued or garnished since I work on-call with no set salary as a substitute teacher. The collection agency representatives can be so ignorant and threatening when they call. For removing the permanent poverty, there can be obtaining of easy unsecured cash loans. In the process, there will be no requirement to mortgage an asset for the funds. The amount is deposited in the bank account of the person for studying of the students. The additional expenses should be minimized for the purpose. 

I never imagined in one-hundred years that I would only be earning $60 a day after I completed three degrees, and that I would have to rely on food stamps to help make ends meet. So far, I have not defaulted on my federal student loans because I qualify for a economic hardship deferment. Even after my deferment ends, and I hopefully get a full-time teaching job, I will still remain the working poor after student loan debts are paid.

What is even more horrible is the fact that I feel like a hypocrite teaching students to become successful when many of them will earn a high school diploma and make more money than me as a college graduate. I do warn all students to seriously consider not borrowing any student loans if they decide to take that plunge and go to college. President Obama is addressing new student loan borrowers, but he and Congress has failed to address the issue of veteran student loan borrowers who have defaulted, and cannot pay their old student loans.

Some suggestions to President Obama and Congress is to change bankruptcy laws to include excessive student loans (more than $25,000) in these filings; create more grants for graduate students; allow student loan waivers for military veterans depending on their years of service; allow all public school employees, including substitute teachers, to qualify for student loan waivers for serving inner city students in grades k-12; make it a federal law where student loan guarantors can only get 10% in student loan payments from salaries under $40,000, and finally investigate Sallie Mae loan practices like the government did in the housing bubble and crisis. Student loan defaults are the next national financial crisis.

One great organization that exists to address our student loan problems is StudentLoanJustice.Org. You can tell your horror student stories there, and get tons of info on student loan issues and advice. I feel so relieved after I communicated on this website, and will begin a grassroots movement against excessive student loan debts and practices in my community. College graduates should not have to rely on public assistance and living at home after working so hard to earn a college degree. College degrees should make us independent, not dependent. My 82-year-old mother should not earn more from her social security check than I do as a college graduate.

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Jesse Waters is head content writer and article at God Men. He found out about his love for writing when he was struggling with cancer. His works are very sensitive and he writes with his heart.


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