Hip Pain Home Remedies

Hip pain can be very painful but here are a few tips on feeling better. Remember to use in moderate doses and as always consult your doctor if you are taking medicines. If you suspect that your hip is broken consult a doctor this can be very painful. If you have aches or pains from age, accidents, broken bones, or medical reasons then hopefully some of these remedies can help.

My first suggestion for hip pain is a heating pad. Heating pads come in handy around the house and have for years. Remember when elders used to tell you the stories of warming bricks and putting them in bed with them for heat and used for sore muscles after a long day at work. Well it’s still works. A heating pad helps the aches and pains in your body. Apply for twenty minutes at a time. There are heating packs that you can warm up in the microwave with popcorn seeds or rice and there are herbal packs out there that you can get that have beads and herbs in them. As long as they warm up they all should work to relieve pain in your hip. Heating pads start around $19.95 and can go up to $100.00 dollars or more. As long as it gets warm it should work.

Another home remedy for pain would be certain foods that you eat. The first one would be cherries. Tart cherries have more antioxidants so they would be the best, but all cherries will work. There are cherry juices out there also. The anthocyanins in the red pigment of the cherries have been shown to reduce pain and inflammation in the body. I myself can only eat a few at a time because I’m allergic to fruit, but I know they are good for the body so I push my limit with them. But I know that the time will come that I won’t be able to eat them anymore. You can get cherries at any grocery store, organic store or on line. The same with juices, one glass a day will help reduce inflammation and ease pain.

Elderberry is another berry that has antioxidants that are called flavnoids which stimulates the immune system. They have anthocyanins which reduce aches and pains from inflammation. These berries are toxic and must be cooked first. They can be used in Jams, extracts, and in recipes after they are cooked.

Then there is the ginger root. Ginger can be helpful in the same way as the cherries and elderberries. It has antioxidants to help reduce pain in tight hips, also. You can peel the root and slice a few slices in a tea to drink. You can also freeze them. Ginger comes in root, powder to cook with, preserved or stemmed ginger used as syrup, crystallized to eat fresh or in teas, or pickled. Remember that ginger is fiery and pungent with a bit of heat. If you are worried about the pain you are suffering from, do not panic. Some food remedy can help alleviate the pain. You just have to look for reliable information online.

Listen to the old wives tales that the elders speak of; they have worked in the past when there was no medicine. Hopefully some of these remedies will help in your aches and pains.

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Jesse Waters is head content writer and article at God Men. He found out about his love for writing when he was struggling with cancer. His works are very sensitive and he writes with his heart.


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