Loss of Weight- No Dieting in the Bargain

There are many people in this world who are completely fed up with their body fat and can’t seem to find ways to get rid of it and while most of them do make valiant attempts, they eventually give up after failing to match up to the grueling exercise schedule that is seemingly impossible for them.

Well, the problem lies in them because they simply can’t control their eating habits and gobble down any delicacy that comes within their reach. Most of them are utterly gluttonous and simply want to satisfy the taste buds on their tongue with little to no thought about the impact it would have on the entire body.

Therefore, you would find many youngsters getting obese by the time they reach adolescence and have the biggest health issues like sugar, diabetes, heart conditions, kidney failure, etc. and all at that tender age.


This problem is extremely grave and needs to be looked into before it is too late because these people serve as an example for others who are exceptionally fond of junk food like fizzy drinks, burgers, chocolates, ice cream and French fries and can’t go to a restaurant without having a full course meal that would easily be consumed by more than a few people.

Luckily, the new millennial kids are smart on this count and even though they too have an unfortunate preference for junk food (who doesn’t at that age), they know their limits and never exceed it beyond a certain point.

At the same time, they are entirely health conscious because they have seen their parents grappling with health issues, most of them being due to their protruding paunch, and have started exercising regularly by hitting the gym everyday without fail.

They have taken a firm resolution that they would avoid eating unhealthy food as much as possible except every once in a while but not on a frequent basis, which is why they have a fit and healthy body.

However, rigorous exercise is of no use if you don’t adhere to a proper diet plan that the trainers and weight experts prescribe because fitness and muscles are all about 70% diet and 20% exercise as proclaimed by Idealica Farmacia.

Diet-less Solution

There are many people who can’t afford the diet food that is recommended because it is quite expensive to purchase on a regular basis like a protein bar, foreign nuts and other things.

Such people can follow certain ways so that they can lose weight without having the proverbial diet plan and they are as follows:

  • Eat nutritious things like fruits and vegetables, especially green ones like apples, spinach, capsicum, bitter gourd so that the system is cleansed of impurities
  • Among grain items there is white bread, cake and nutty cookies alongside pasta, cornflakes, brown rice and oatmeal
  • Drink around 10-12 glasses of water per day to keep your system clean and start your morning by having a bottle of Aloe-Vera, following which you have hot green tea or low fat milk


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