A Guide to Avoiding the Supersized Trap

These days, a weight loss diet doesn’t have to mean deprivation. It’s possible to factor in all your favourite foods, and even eat out occasionally, and still lose weight steadily. However, with so many people worldwide watching their wallets, restaurants are trying to tempt us to eat out more and spend more by offering super sized meal options at an attractive price.

The super sized option appeals to our sense of value, because you can see that you’re getting more for your money. The supersized meal may only cost 10% or so more than the regular option. However, the restaurant still has to make a profit, so they supersize the cheaper ingredients, which will be the fries, mashed potatoes, bread, rice and pasta. Yes, I know pasta and rice is good for you, but not in industrial quantities. So how to avoid the super sized trap when eating out?


Why not order a healthy starter, and then one super sized option between two? Ask for an extra plate, and don’t be shy about it – you’re paying, you call the shots. This option is good if you’re eating out with a weight watching friend or someone with a small appetite, but it won’t work if your dining partner is looking forward to a super sized meal.


Ask for a salad or vegetables instead of fries. Even a jacket potato is a healthier, lower fat option than a huge plate of fries. It’s worth asking for an alternative, even if it’s not advertised on the menu. The restaurant can only say no, and they may agree. Even if you have to pay a small supplement for your substitute, it’s worth it to reduce the calorie cost of your meal.

Salad is the best option to try out if you want to follow a proper diet plan because you have no choice but to maintain strict control over yourself so it is better to lookup custom keto diet reviews of reputed dieticians and take their advice because ultimately it is your body that stands to gain or lose.

Order two starters

Starters are usually carefully portion controlled, so why not order two choices from the starters menu? Order a soup, fish or salad starter first, and then ask for your main course starter – which can be anything you fancy, but will probably be meat or fish – to be brought out with your dining companion’s main course. If you need more food, order a side dish of salad or vegetables with your second starter. You’ll still enjoy the variety of dining out, without worrying if the calorie and fat count of your meal has sabotaged your diet.

Order a children’s meal

Explain that you don’t have a big appetite – or even fib and say that you have a medical condition which means you cannot eat full sized meals – and order from the children’s menu. Ask for a side salad with it, and then you’ll have enough to eat, and the restaurant won’t think you’re just being a cheapskate.

There are ways of avoiding the super sized trap if you really want to. And you do – don’t you? Good luck, and happy losing!

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