Pokemon- Learning on How to Play through the Basics

This might be an interesting article for some while others may have little to no knowledge about it as it won’t pertain to their interests but nevertheless, it does merit an entire article of its own.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear about video games? Well, it depends on whether you like them or not but nobody can deny the cultural impact it had in your childhood.

There aren’t too many people who haven’t played video games unless if they’re in dire poverty because it is every child’s obsession once he gains the capacity to think for himself.

Guilty Pleasure

When it comes to some all time favorite games, you have names like super Mario, Contra, Swat Kats, etc. that must have made many people’s childhood awesome and it is because they all were entertaining with some of the best levels and codes that keep you hooked to the end.

There is another one that can very well compete with them called Pokemon Go and it is important to mention here that it was not as successful in the initial stages as it went on to become so this is what you call a cult classic in cinematic terms.

The cartoon came out in the late 90s and quickly captivated the youngsters with its interesting storyline and the character development of not only the protagonists but the three main villains as well.

The pokemons were creatures that were unlike anything seen before or after that were too powerful enough to manage on their own without having to wait for the heroes to rescue them from danger.

Pokemon has been a guilty pleasure for virtually every 90s and 2000s kid who still get teary-eyed with nostalgia thinking of the times when they would keep their eyes glued on the television set watching the heroes and villains in action and not move a muscle until it was over.

Tips and Tricks of the Trade

Coming back to Pokemon Go, it has become a cultural phenomenon all over the world for which the credit goes to the Japanese game developing company called Gamer Freaks that came up with this unique concept of diminutive creatures that had supernatural powers of such magnitude that made both the protagonists and antagonists covet them from the beginning to the climax.

It has also gained some new fans in current times that were not really enamored with the game when it first came out and therefore, we are going to list out some tips and tricks to help them out.

  • First you create some Pokemon go account and start collecting eggs at Poke stops and begin your search for the powerful pokemons but take care to keep them in the incubator
  • Put the egg to use when you begin to play and create your XP model and evolve the pokemons through candies

Find the available pokemons and keep them in the pokeballs because they would come in use for tackling the villains so that and they reincarnate into more powerful counterparts

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