Gifts That Bring Nature Indoors for the Disabled and the Elderly

Do you know someone who loves nature, but is disabled or elderly and cannot get outside at all or as much as they would like? If the answer is yes, hopefully, this article will offer some gift suggestions to help bring some of the outdoors inside to them. However, you should try to get Disability Aids that are really going to help the elderly with their mobility allowing them to enjoy nature. 

Potted Plant

A pretty potted plant placed near a sunlit window is a nice thought. It can bring cheer and a bit of the outdoors inside. My sister, who has cerebral palsy, is a resident in a nursing home and has a potted plant on the windowsill in her room. A wonderful lady who helps take care of my sister waters the plant for her.

If you choose this gift, make sure that the person is able to water the plant or that someone can water it for them.

Desktop or Tabletop Indoor Fountain (Battery Operated)

A battery-operated fountain eliminates the need for electricity and the cord that can get in the way. The sounds of the water from a miniature fountain placed indoors on a desktop, tabletop, etc. give a calming feeling. There are many fountain styles available. Listening to the sound of the water can be very soothing. Looking at the pretty way in which the fountain is decorated, whether with birds, flowers, etc. can be very peaceful.

A Nature Book

Books on nature are a nice thoughtful gift. They can be books with lots of colorful pictures, or books that require reading. You need to decide which book is best.

A Magazine Subscription

There are many magazines about nature. A subscription for a magazine will be a welcomed gift that keeps on giving for months. The recipient will look forward to getting the magazine each month in the mail.

Bouquet of Fresh Flowers

You can give a single bouquet or a subscription for a bouquet of the month. Subscriptions can be purchased for 3, 6, or 12 months. Simply search online for an online florist offering such an offer. The choice of floral bouquets is extensive. If you are on a limited budget, you can purchase a smaller bouquet or a bouquet with less expensive flowers. Any bouquet you purchase will be greatly appreciated, as all bouquets are truly beautiful and cheerful.

Just make sure that the recipient has a vase to hold the bouquet. A vase made of plastic would be a better choice than a vase made of glass in the event the vase should drop from where it is placed.

Stationery or Notepaper with Nature Themes

A gift of stationery or notepaper with a nature theme is a thoughtful and useful gift that will brighten up any correspondence. You might also like to purchase some of the pretty floral stamps that The United States Postal Service is currently offering for sale and give them along with the stationery or notepaper.

Kitchen Linens

Floral decorated place-mats, napkins, dish towels, etc. can easily add a bit of joy to any space. Nicely decorated linens can easily brighten a kitchen.

Bird Feeder

If the gift recipient lives nearby or if you live with them and can maintain a bird feeder for them, this is a nice gift idea. They can watch the birds from their window or if they can get outside, from a deck, patio, etc. This gift will help pass some time and will surely bring a smile to the face of a nature lover.

Decorative Flag

If a decorative flag can be placed outdoors and be seen from indoors, or if the recipient is able to get outside, from a deck, patio, etc., this gift is thoughtful. As the seasons change, my husband places a decorative flag outdoors for us to enjoy. The flag can be seen from a window in our home. Watching the flag from inside is pleasant, especially when a gentle breeze moves it back and forth. Hopefully, the person who receives this gift will enjoy it as much as we enjoy our various flags.


A CD of nature sounds is a nice pleasurable gift. There are so many choices, among some, you can find include sounds of birds and other animals. This gift will give much listening pleasure.

I hope that you were able to find a gift for a special nature lover and help bring nature indoors for them to enjoy. It is truly a joy to be able to bring some of the outdoors inside to the disabled or elderly in our life.

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