Microsoft PowerPoint Advanced Picture Options for Presentations

In this tutorial, I will offer you some ways to add advanced features to your pictures on your Microsoft PowerPoint slides. Before that, I would also like you to try the project scope document template if you use presentations regularly thereafter you can move onto these advanced features include applying borders to the pictures, applying drop shadows, and applying effects. You will need to load your presentation you are working on or create a practice slide to work on with this tutorial. If you are using a practice slide, you will need to open a picture to use with this tutorial also.

Applying Borders to Pictures in Microsoft PowerPoint

Let’s begin this tutorial by applying borders to your pictures in Microsoft PowerPoint. We will apply a border style and then change the color of the border. Click the picture to select it. You will now see a small toolbar appear. In that toolbar, you will see the three-line icon. Click that icon and you will see the borders you have to choose from. If you do not see a border in that box that you want to use, click the dotted line icon at the very bottom of your Microsoft PowerPoint window. Once you find a border that you want to use, click it.

To change the color of the border, you will need to click the arrow beside the paintbrush icon at the bottom of your window. If you do not see color in that box you want to use, click the more color option. Find the color you want to use and click it. The border will then change colors.

Applying Drop Shadows to Pictures in Microsoft PowerPoint

If you would like to apply drop shadows to your pictures, follow these steps. Click the picture to select it. Go to the bottom of your program and click the green square with the shadow behind it. When you mouse over it, it will say “Shadow Style”. When the box opens, you will see the different shadows you have to choose from. Click the drop shadow you want to use. The shadow will then be applied to the picture you selected.

Applying Effects to Your Pictures in Microsoft PowerPoint

You have the option of turning your picture into a black and white picture. To do this, you will first need to select the picture. Then you will need to click the two film strip icons in the small toolbar beside the picture. This is the second icon from the left. When you click it, you will see a menu open. In the menu, click the Grayscale option. The black and white effect will be applied. There are a couple of other effects in that menu you can use also. To use one of the other effects, simply click them.

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