Inspection Tips for Shoppers Buying Handbags

When it comes to feeling secure, a handbag is a lady’s best friend. She carries it everywhere she goes and relies on it to store her special belongings. With the great deals of the holiday season, many ladies have handbag fever. Handbags are available in various styles: clutches (carried under the arm), hobos (carried on the arm), crossbodies, totes, and shoulder bags. Popular name brands include Calvin Klein, Kenneth Cole, Tommy Hilfiger, Alfani, Nine West, Jessica Simpson, and GUESS, which can all be found at major retailers like Macy’s. Some women spend thousands of dollars on handbags such as the Alexander McQueen brand that is sold for $2, 294 on More economical handbags are available at such as the Faded Glory tote bags starting at $5 and No Boundary tote bags at $8. Regardless of the cost or brand, it is upsetting when a handbag breaks down on a lady. For this reason, a handbag must go through a thorough inspection before it is purchased. Here is a guide for determining if a handbag meets quality specifications:


When examining handbags, shoppers must ask, “What will I be putting in my handbag?” Common items include wallets, calendar or address books, novels, cell phones, makeup kits, keys, snack bars, and personal products. Everyone has different tastes and circumstances. For example large tote and shoulder bags are convenient for mothers of infants and young children, while clutches and hobos are more suited for special occasions to accessorize evening wear, which is common among celebrity women poising on the red carpet.

Fabric and Lining

A shopper’s selection of fabric and lining is crucial and must be inspected for durability. Linings are very delicate and can tear if you put sharp objects such as metal finger nail files, pencils, or pens and even heavy items within them. When a hole is in the lining, items can become buried underneath them causing women to think that they have lost them. Shoppers must also decide if the fabric of the handbag is season and weather-appropriate. The best fabrics for the fall and winter include leather, suede, corduroy, and plastic. Thick crocheted and knitted handbags with textured cables are also desirable. Thin cloth handbags are more suited for the spring and summer months.

Fastener quality

Many shoppers overlook testing zippers before buying them. I recently bought a vinyl handbag that looked great on the exterior, but when I tried to zip it after purchasing it, the zipper broke off the track. I have also experienced instances where the straps of my handbags became detached after a period of time. Leather straps tear if handbags are overloaded especially with large items such as novels, and the screws in the metal attachments on straps can easily break loose. Other fasteners that a handbag may have are flaps with snaps or latches, magnets, and drawstrings. Shoppers must ensure that their items will be secure in the handbags since some fasteners do not close the handbag completely.


Another factor to check out is the color of a hand bag. Light colored cloth handbags will get dingy over time. Shoppers must consider if the color will match the majority of clothes in their wardrobes, if the color is suitable for their lifestyle whether it be business or casual, and if the color is season appropriate. Dark solid or patchwork colors are for the fall and winter, while white, pastel, and bright colors are for the summer and spring.

Color is the most important factor that prompts woman to choose a particular design as they are able to relate to it quite easily and if the pattern relates to the design, then they immediately buy it, irrespective of its brand and cost. Indeed, they are so fascinated with the color of handbags that an entire article can be written on the luxurytastic reviews that they have given.

Taking into account all of these factors, shoppers must place quality over cost when buying handbags. In-store shopping gives shoppers the advantage of doing a self-inspection of the size, material, fastener, and color; whereas online shopping provides the advantage of allowing shoppers to read customer reviews that establish the reputation of the handbag. Whether a lady is shopping for a handbag for herself or as a gift for another, she must remember not to overlook the essentials.

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