Top 3 Green Spa Treatments

Looking for a special spa treatment? As stress increases with taxes due and the economy slumping, there is no better option to relax and spend some time for me than going spa-ing. If you are planning to visit a spa this year, be sure that you try out a green spa or a green spa treatment. And no, I don’t mean your facial needs to be the color green, I’m talking eco-friendly. There has been an expansion in the Green Spa market over the past few years and here are a few details on the top 5 Medical Spa in New Jersey available along with the best green spa that are there around the country.

Fire and Ice Facial


This is one of the best treatments that result in a combination of hot and cold sensation on your skin. Fresh apple pulps and grapes are used in the facial. You can even use some fresh herbs along with paprika, which can assist in proper circulation and detoxification of the skin. An alternative facial massage is provided with a cold organic masque. This is great if you don’t have any particular blemishes you’re trying to get rid of and simply want to revitalize and make your skin healthy again.

Cedar Enzyme Bath

You can enjoy your tea inside a Japanese tea garden or get a metamusic blanket wrap under this method of treatment. You can find finely ground cedar, plant enzymes and rice bran as ingredients in the Cedar Enzyme Bath. You can get into a deeper state of relaxation with soothing music while your whole body is wrapped in warm blankets under the metamusic blanket wrap treatment. Very relaxing, but try not to fall asleep!

Naturopathica Bamboo Lemongrass Body Scrub

Only a few spas offer this foaming exfoliating scrub. The blistering skin is slowly cured with the help of this green spa treatment. As everyone’s skin remains dry in the winter, this treatment is suitable to reverse that. Natural organic ingredients are used to make Naturopathica products like lemongrass and ginger massage oil which will provide much-needed relief. This green spa treatment uses natural recycled products and even their newsletters are made of recyclable papers. Even the feet of a runner, jogger or an athlete can highly benefit from this treatment during winter.

I bet you’re feeling relaxed just thinking about these glorious spa treatments! The great thing is you can take part in them guilt-free, knowing you’re not doing much harm to the environment. Try finding an eco-conscious spa in your area, or call of the spas you do know of and ask if they provide any of these three services. If all else fails it never hurts to recommend putting these services on the menu to your favorite esthetician.

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