7 Ways to Develop Your True Intuition

Ever get the feeling that you know what’s about to happen, and then surprisingly, that’s exactly what happens. If you feel strongly that something is going to happen in a certain way, but have no logical basis for those feelings then you are experiencing intuition.

There are three facets to intuition; sensing something clearly, feeling something through listening, and clairvoyance, which is also described as having a ‘third eye’

Clairvoyance is described as having your eyes see beyond what can be seen. People experience clairvoyance when they know what is going on somewhere else.

When someone senses something clearly they are overwhelmed with a gut feeling or a hunch about something. They are certain they know the outcome of something but they can’t explain why they know.

A person who can feel through listening (sometimes called clairaudience) can pick up an intuition about something or someone from listening to a conversation or hearing a certain sound.

Some people are just naturally more intuitive than others. People who study astrology believe that those born with the Pisces or Scorpio sign are naturally more intuitive, to the point of bordering on E.S.P. But others believe that anyone can develop strong powers of intuition.

There are many reasons why someone would benefit from having strong intuition. Most importantly, a strong intuition allows you to have positive communication with others. You are naturally more sensitive to others when you are in tune with their thoughts and feelings. Intuition allows you to understand people better and be more in tune with their emotions.

Those with strong intuition are also more creative. A strong intuition allows you to express your creative side effectively. Intuition also has positive healing power. Those with a strong intuition can alleviate negative energy within their soul which can have a positive effect on an individual’s health and well being.

And the most exciting news in regards to intuition is that you can improve your own intuition with a little time and energy. Below are some effective ways to increase intuition:

Hypnotize Yourself

By performing self-hypnosis you can strengthen your sense of intuition.


When you meditate effectively you find peace within yourself. Get rid of the clutter and all that excess baggage in your heart and in your mind. Once you clear your mind you are more able to effectively initiate effective intuition.

Some of the most effective ways to meditate include participating in yoga classes. Breathing, repeating a calming mantra and finding a mental paradise to escape are also effective meditation practices.

Keep a Positive Attitude

Try and always keep a mental state that is free of worry or fear. An individual with a positive outlook attracts positive energy into their lives which can increase their intuitive abilities.

Allow yourself to let go

Practice letting goes of your inhibitions and allows yourself to enter a quiet place that leads to intuition. Once you master letting go you can hear the voice within you, which is your intuition.

Don’t Expect Intuition

Don’t ever expect an intuitive answer at your beck and call. A hunch won’t land in your lap at will. Give in and let go, and keep positive and the answers will come in time.

Learn to Listen to Your Gut

You need to learn to trust your first impression. In the majority of cases, a first impression is an intuitive feeling and is often right on.

Stay Happy

If you keep happy you have a much better chance of developing a strong intuition. In order to tap into your intuitive side, you need to have a happy and content demeanor. With the proper motivation, your intuition will strengthen.

Intuition is a gift that can allow you to achieve something that might otherwise not be possible. Many lives have been spared thanks to intuition. The right decision is often made thanks to intuition. Taking the time to develop this gift will allow you to reap immense gifts. As you develop your intuition to a certain level you will be able to improve your studies as well. There are tutoring opportunities that you can try out as you pursue your college studies along with earning some extra money. 

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Jesse Waters is head content writer and article at God Men. He found out about his love for writing when he was struggling with cancer. His works are very sensitive and he writes with his heart.


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