GTA Guide: Become A Billionaire Through Cheats and Tips

Human nature is a complex thing to understand and not many people have been successful in this regard. It is the most fascinating as well as the most intriguing phenomenon.

There are many things to discuss about it but impossible to explain everything in one article as mere words would not suffice at all in making other people understand it in simple language as technical terms and jargons abound.

The nature of humans is something that stem right from the day they are born and slowly start becoming aware of their surroundings with the gradual passage of time and the mind starts taking in everything.

It is the childhood memories that stay on forever as they are universally regarded as the best phase of the life cycle whereas the young age is full of tension and stress due to constant struggles to make something out of life.

The struggle for life begins as soon as college is completed and the graduation degree/certificate are in hand where after a long period with life going nowhere we find ourselves doing something or the other just to keep going.

The ambitions and hopes of childhood are dashed in the worst possible way as most end up doing menial jobs that are far below their dignity only to settle down and become the breadwinner of the family.

With age catching up, the activeness and physical agility is loss as the years pass by and by the time old age arrives, the body is afflicted with all sorts of ailments and diseases that have found their way into the body that has become weak and susceptible to maladies.

The financial savings accumulated upto that point all goes to the doctors and medicines that are required to keep the body in check and prevent it from collapse and break down.

However, that is a story for another day and today we are going to talk about the childhood phase and what all interests today’s children apart from toys, eatables and other goodies.

The first thing that comes to mind here is game. Yes, children are quite fascinated by indoor and outdoor games as the latter keep them physically fit and active while the former is played inside the house and is a mental activity.

No, here we are not talking about chess or business or snakes & ladders as those have become a thing of the past. With the advent of the 21st century, the general atmosphere of the world has gone from bad to worse as you come across violence, chaos, death and destruction almost everyday.

Be it your own surroundings or the everyday news and articles in newspapers, it these that grab the front page and the headlines of the news bulletins which has now become a regular feature for news all over the world.

So children have become addicted to video games and those that are violent and destructive in nature. In fact, the more violent the games are with blood and gore dominating each frame, the more enthusiastic and drawn the children become.

One such game is the Grand Theft Auto (GTA being a popular and used term amongst aficionados of the game) which, as mentioned, is full of violence and blood in abundance along with subplots with sex, sleaze, lecher and debauchery making inroads every now and then.

This violent tool that has been termed so for entertainment purposes was launched in 1997 and quickly grabbed the eyeballs with its unique and never before seen content that had to be seen to be believed.

To make things better, there came a revolution in December 1994 called the playstation that made creative people sit up and take notice of this new brand of video games that made it easier and more entertaining.

This made games like GTA, King Claw, Lion king, Aladdin and so many others sell like hot cakes and there was a time when business was booming in the 2000s which was never seen before.

This revolution is something that is in the minds of every kid who grew up in the 90s and early 2000s and the lovable cartoon characters that were relished only during the TV times lot, now came in the form of video gaming versions that were eagerly lapped up by kids.

Anyways, coming back to GTA, it has spanned nearly five updated versions with the last one being launched back in 2013 which is called Grand Theft Auto V or GTA 5 to be precise.

It is one of the greatest GTA seasons which began with ps3 and xbox 360 and is now available in its upgraded version on computer, xbox one and ps4 and with numerous other devices.

GTA takes place in the fictional city of Los Santos and San Andreas, that are said to be based in Los Angeles, California where three protagonists hope to dominate the city with terror and violence where violence and gore dominate from the first to last scene with phenomenal background score and a thrilling climax up for grabs.

You can get the cheat codes and passwords on which will prove helpful in tackling the various mysteries and grueling tasks that lie ahead as the mission progresses on.

San Andreas is a massive city available with GTA Online where you can roam about through the streets with dangerous missions, country races, heists, drugs and various other criminal activities.

The entire game comprises in a world where you can become the boss and own massive, luxurious mansions through ill gotten gains alongwith vehicles of the highest order to make it a benchmark in crime syndicate drama.

GTA 5 online guide for cheats and codes for making money:

  • These will make you the biggest crime lord in San Andreas. You would be needing money to purchase weapons and RP to unlock the guns and the bonuses as it goes on.
  • Missions for payout pay good allowances and the reward you for success in mission which is for gta 5 mod menu ps4
  • There are cars to steal and drop them to acquaintances and get good bucks in return
  • Helicopters with buzzards are harmful but quite useful to ward off the enemy

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