Switching & Staying Gluten-Free

There seems to be a lot of talk about the gluten-free diet these days. Whether for health concerns, such as Celiac Disease and gluten intolerance, like me, or for health benefits, such as weight loss and general well-being, the gluten-free diet can be a challenge to maintain, though certainly worthwhile. Many on the gluten-free diet have experienced lower cholesterol, lower blood sugar, better digestion, increased energy, and an overall feeling of good health because most of the over-processed foods that have become so common in our daily lives are eliminated from the gluten-free diet.

Information about gluten and what does or does not contain this substance can be confusing when transitioning to the gluten-free lifestyle. There is an assortment of fact versus fiction everywhere and researching the topic will sometimes offer conflicting results. It is best to begin with trusted sources, such as a doctor or dietician and .org websites. There are also support groups and online communities dedicated to helping those who adhere to this limited diet, which can often be the most helpful since those who are already living gluten-free tend to be the most resourceful. Once knowledgeable about the diet, a selection of recipe guides and books can then be easily gathered. With the help of the gluten-free diet, you will not need to visit nj center for coolsculpting in order to get rid of your fat.

While on the gluten-free diet, grocery shopping is more involved and requires time and effort to find appropriate items. Some foods are more obvious than others, such as bread and pasta, as well as foods that are labeled gluten-free. Other foods are not as clear, including most soups, some pre-cooked meats, and even a variety of frozen french fries. Marinades, salad dressings, and condiments may also contain gluten. Therefore, it is essential to read the list of ingredients for any item that is questionable and even for those that seem like gluten would not be used because those ones are often the most surprising. Also, check the nutritional values while reading the label, as some gluten-free brands are healthier than others, just like regular foods.

Going out to eat is slightly trickier because there is typically no list of ingredients to read. If a restaurant is chosen ahead of time, it is a good idea to call or check their website for a gluten-free menu or nutritional information. Once there, the waitress or waiter can also assist. In the event that there is a medical reason for avoiding gluten, it is especially important to make the server aware of your condition so extra efforts can be made to eliminate cross-contamination and order errors.

Much like dining out, parties and social events can be difficult since most offer an assortment of treats, such as hors d’oeuvres, cakes, and cookies. Whenever possible, the host or hostess should be informed of any dietary restrictions prior to the event so special accommodations can be made. Of course, offering to bring a gluten-free dish to pass is also an option, as is packing a small snack or two just in case there ends up being very little or nothing to eat that is gluten-free.

When travelling, be sure to research the area first so places that offer gluten-free dining can be easily spotted. This will eliminate the possibility of being stranded with nothing to eat. Also, make a trip to the grocery store before leaving and pack some non-perishable items to bring along.

Cost is, of course, a major concern of those on the gluten-free diet. While awareness of this diet has taken off, the prices of gluten-free foods have yet to catch up. Even so, there are many new channels for purchasing these items outside of the grocery store, thus making it easier to compare prices and search for discounts without ever having to leave home. Several gluten-free brands sell their products online, whether through their company website or a distributor, greatly simplifying the entire process of grocery shopping.

When it comes to the gluten-free lifestyle, planning and preparation is key. It may seem like a difficult adjustment and more work to maintain, but feeling better and being healthier is priceless.

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