Easy Ways To Find Spanish News In Google News

Can I read news in Spanish in Google News?

No. While previously Google News would serve news headlines and articles directly from Spanish newspapers, a recent development in Spain bans Google News to do so. According to a law passed in December 2014, Spanish newspapers need to be paid for content. This law was passed keeping in mind the benefits of local publishers, however this same law led to Google News stop using and displaying any content or news snippet directly from Spanish newspapers. This is because Google never pays to show headlines from newspapers from any country. Consequently, Google News went offline in Spain, and users in Spain have no access to Google News any more. The passing of this legislation led to a two-way blockage for Spanish news enthusiasts, Google News will not show any headlines or content directly from local Spanish newspaper publications, and Google News will not be accessible by anyone living in Spain.

How do I have access to Spanish news in Google News?

While Google News might have stopped showing direct news snippets from local Spanish newspapers, this does not mean one cannot have access to Spanish news. You can still learn about developments in Spain by reading snippets of English news translated from Spanish newspapers that write about Spain, albeit from outside Spain as Google News is no longer available in the country.

  1. Search for Spanish news in the Google News search box on your browser.

Doing so will return multiple results from various English newspapers related to Spain and its recent developments. You can click on any of the links from the search results and read the in-depth news of the event. There are various newspapers that write about Spain, prominent examples being The Guardian, BBC, CNN and even The Local Spain. The last one shows only Spanish news but all in English, and is very much searchable on Google News.

  1. Download the Google News app.

The Google News app is easily available on Playstore, and you can download and install the same on your device for access to news while on the go. You can use the same tactics as deployed in the Google News website and look up for Spanish news and latest developments in Spain. You can play with your keywords to read about the category you might be most interested in, pertaining to Spain. Google never deprives anyone from information, so these hacks can easily let you have access to Spanish news.

Are there easier ways to read Spanish news?

Yes. If you do not want to work up your mind and search for Spanish news on Google News, hitting up websites of BBC, CNN, The Local Spain and even that of the most popular news publication agency in Spain – El Pais, is a complete no-brainer. While BBC and CNN have their respective websites and news apps in Spanish, El Pais has its website and mobile app easily accessible and all categories of news in the Spanish language.

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