How To Get The French Feels At Home

Getting the French feels is something that a lot of people want to get. France is a place which is rich in its own culture, and one which has a distinct look and feel. One site that would give you the opportunity to explore French feels is no other than With that said, what are some of the ways in order for you to get the whole French feels? Let’s find out below!

Primrose Mirrors

A primrose mirror is a gold mirror that is decorative in nature. It can be hung above a mantel, especially when it is full in length. Given that it is a mirror, it is easy to incorporate among décor in your home. The color primrose also blends well with other earth colors like brown, making it the perfect addition. More than just looking good, getting a mirror installed will also help to make the entire surface much more spacious and more open, which is something you want your home to look like.

French Fireplace Mantels

A stone mantel is also another household item that is uniquely French. With that said, getting a fireplace mantel is something that you would want to consider if you want to make your home look more French. The stunning fireplace serves more than just aesthetics. The stone mantel is actually strong enough to withstand the great heat of the fire, and stone is pure enough to not crack.

Luciana Crystal Chandelier

Chandeliers are only best for big houses. However, it is also a structure in the home that is commonly tied to French architecture. One thing that separates a French Chandelier from that of others is the mirror placed above the mantel. The mirror is one which is gilded and well-coordinated, and thus will help to make the whole piece sparkly. Getting a Luciana crystal chandelier is advised to those who want to take the “Frenchess” of their place up a notch. If you have a high ceiling, this fixture will help to somehow fill the void that you get from looking at a really high ceiling.

Kalilah Rug

Another home furniture that will help to make the whole look more French is this type of vintage rug. It can complement other décor that you may already have. It is also an easy way to incorporate such French feels, as it can be bought in a lot of places. Getting the Kalilah Rug, however, may take some time in finding as it is really difficult to find, but once you do, it will be worth it.

Distressed Pieces

In general, distressed pieces are what will give your home a nice, French look. Some people don’t really see the difference between all these, and getting traditional pieces will usually do. The gilded details are what is usually contributing of making your home or furniture piece look French. The gold details make the whole venture look really classy, but will help to draw in some Nostalgia.

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