How To Avoid Plumbing Leaks In Winter

During the winter, you can be in a lot of trouble with the expenses if your plumbing system breaks down on you. This might lead to a high cost when you have it repaired by a professional. The winter season has the ability to freeze your pipes hence, damaging them that may also lead to serious problems. This is the season when you just want to relax at home due to the very cold weather but it is very inconvenient if you will have problems with your water pipes.

For you to avoid expensive services of a plumber, here are some tips not to have leaks during the winter. You can also learn more than what you already know.

  1. Protect the pipes

Water can freeze easily during the winter, this is including the water that is flowing in your pipes, resulting the pipes to crack or explode and might give leaks. Pipe leaks can result into serious trouble as well as expensive expenses. Your house may be flooded and floors can be damaged if you are not aware that your pipes have already exploded. This might also ruin your furniture and the structure of your house. You can avoid this by wrapping the pipes in a foam blanket or foam tubes that have a slip on one side. You can purchase these from your local hardware. If the foam you have purchased does not have self-adhesives, you can use duct tapes to secure the foam in your pipes.

  1. Do an early fix

Before the winter time begins, you should check all the pipes in your house for leaks. If there are leaks that you spotted. You can call your plumber as quickly as possible to immediately repair the pipes and you will be all good for the winter.

  1. Check your water heater

Water heater pipes can also be leaky or it may already be rusty. If the water heater is too old, it is recommended to be replaced immediately before the winter season comes. It will be better if you will purchase a new model for your heater because most of them is ecofriendly and can conserve water.

  1. Remove the hoses outside

There is no use for a garden hose during the winter season. It is highly appropriate to just remove it and store it in a safe place. If you leave your garden hose during the winter, it is possible to be frozen because of the water that is still stored inside it and is highly to be damaged. You will be left with buying a new one after the cold weather ends.

  1. Do not grease your drains

If you grease your drains, there is a high possibility that this will harden and freeze during the cold weather. This may lead to clogged drains too.

  1. Always have your plumber’s contact details

If ever you still have plumbing needs during the winter, it is best if you already have your plumber’s contact details so that it will be easy for you to contact them whenever you need to. It is very important because you will never know what might happen during the winter season.

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