Creative Gift Ideas For Birthday Under $20

Do you want to give a birthday gift to someone special that they will appreciate but you are tight on cash? When you have a lot of friends with their birthdays coming up, your gift needs to be not that expensive or you risk breaking your bank.

Then you came to the right place. Here are some ways to choose a great gift without sparing your wallet. If the person you are giving the gift to is your mother, then the items listed below will also work as muttertag geschenkideen.


Keychains are a good gift, especially if you can find a keychain design of their favorite things. For example, you can gift them a keychain of their favorite cartoon, video game or movie character, their favorite food, or if they love to drink, a bottle opener keychain.

There are also personalized keychains where you can write a word of your choosing onto the keychain, which can be their names, initials, or some word that have a meaning to them.

For a list of great keychain designs and customizable keychain under 20 dollars, visit this website.

Travel tags

If the friend that you are gifting is a traveler, then a travel tag is a perfect gift to them under 20 bucks. There are plenty of travel tags with great designs within your budget, as seen here. Some of them have cartoon character designs, others are minimalistic, while some are colorful. The variety of choices will make sure that you can find the perfect gift.


Socks are a very universal gift, after all, who doesn’t love cute socks with great designs? They make your feet comfortable while sleeping by keeping it warm. If you want to shop for a range of socks with various designs, visit this link.

Passport case

Another gift for a friend who loves to travel the world, a passport case will suit them well. It is complete with pockets for pens, cards, and passes, making it an essential organizer when traveling that your friend will surely love.

If you want to shop for a passport holder, here is a link to the Amazon page of passport holders where you can browse a good selection of passport cases. All of them are very low priced, with some even being sold for less than 10 dollars, allowing you to gift two pieces or add another $10 dollar gift.

Phone or tablet covers

In this modern age, everyone is sure to own a smartphone or a tablet. A cover or case for such gadgets is a great gift idea even if the receiver already owns one, because they can still use the extra case as a substitute or if they are tired of their old one. Covers and cases come in varied designs.

If you chose phone or tablet cover as a gift, be sure that you know the exact model of your friend receiving the gift. There is nothing more frustrating than receiving a case or cover for a model you do not own.


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