Fun And Cool Birthday Party Ideas For Both Teens And Tweens

Planning birthday parties should be fun and enjoyable but sometimes, you will find it difficult for certain ages. When your child reached the age of being a teenager, planning a birthday party can be very challenging. This is the age that is in the line of being a child and being a young adult, making it quite not easy to identify the theme of the party or what the celebrant wants.

When kids become teens and tweens, they would like to spend some time with their friends and just enjoy the time together and have fun. This is the stage where they want to express their being mature and individuality. Probably, the best you can do as a parent is give a verjaardagscadeau voor hem or her to party and have fun with friends.

With this, here are some suggestions that you can do to organize a fun and cool party for your teens and tweens.

  1. Pizza party

Kids and adults both love pizza, so why not organize a pizza party that will surely be enjoyable to them. Let them make their own pizza. You can do this at the kitchen or dining area. You will need pizza doughs, sauce and their favorite toppings. Of course, you will need an oven to cook the pizza. Make sure they are still supervised with adults.

  1. Garden party

You can do this at home. At your very own garden. You will need decorations, tables, lights, cushions, mats and other things they want to add. This party can be more enjoyable that an indoor party. You can also do outdoor games with this party. You can also have the party until the evening wherein you can have a bonfire with s’mores station.

  1. Pool party

If you have a pool at your very own yard, you can do the pool party there. However, you can also do it in a hotel if you want to. They can play fun games in the pool and have delicious food and snacks. This is definitely one of the things that they would ever want. Make sure that the pool is clean and chemical-free so that the kids won’t have any allergy attacks.

  1. Movie themed party

This is another great idea for a party. This can be done at home. You will need ticket stubs, 3D glasses and popcorns, lots of them! Have them choose their favorite movie and have the guests wear a movie theme upon attending.

  1. Arts party

Kids are basically creative and we always want them to develop this. This is the primary reason why you can try to organize a party involving arts. You can do this at home and will just be needing papers, crayons and other art materials that interest them. With this, kids will learn arts and be more creative, not to mention enjoying it with their friends. Make sure to let them express themselves by creating whatever it is that they desire.

  1. Dance party

Have the kids experience a club-like environment by replacing your regular bulb to black lights. You can host a dance party for your kid at home. Put on their favorite dance music and let them dance their hearts out. Your pre-adult kids will definitely have a blast with this kind of party.

  1. Karaoke party

If your child is into singing, this party will surely suit them to celebrate their birthday. Let the birthday celebrant and friends belt out their favorite songs by renting a karaoke machine. You can also suggest them to dress up as their favorite singers to add more fun to the party.


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