10 Best Online Dating Tips For Women

So, you have finally decided to take to online dating? That’s wonderful. Online dating is convenient, easy and fun. You will have the opportunity to meet new people from all over the world right from your own home. If things look fine online, you can gradually take the matter offline. But before you proceed with your online dating adventure, here are the tips to keep in mind.

Get a comparison study

Thanks to the rise in online dating, there has been a mushroom growth of dating sites today. But not all are worth the salt. There are scam sites as well. So, don’t just blindly settle with the first site you come across. Rather take a comparative survey on at least 4-5 sites before the final sign up. The one you choose should be a name of good repute online, backed by a long list of happy users. Try to look for sites that offer free trial. This way you can check out the compatibility quotient of the site before you put your hard-earned money into it.

Take to multiple sites

You have to widen your avenues. There is no guarantee you will find your perfect match from the first site you sign up with. Rather, have your profile in 3-4 sites.

Create a cool bio

Amp up your bio with great smiling and clear pictures. Hazy and unclear photos are a strict no-no. Kindly do not use heavily edited photos that bear little resemblance to your present self. And use recent photographs- not the one from high school. In regards to textual description, keep things short and sweet. Write about essential personal details that a potential date must know about you. For example, if you are a single parent with kid/s, you must mention that. Do not ever lie on your bio.

Start with personalized lines

If you like a guy, approach him with a text. If you don’t know what to talk about, just send a polite “Hi”. If he wants to talk to you, he may pick up from there. However, as per top relationship advice portal SHALLONONLINE,  the best thing would be to start with a personalized line. For example, let’s say your crush has given a picture with a cute pup. So, you can start with- “hey, such a cute pup….you love pets?”

Beware of creeps

Your bestie may have found her man online but that doesn’t mean all the guys on your dating site are honest. The truth is you may come across some real creeps as well. So, watch out for red flags and the moment you see them, don’t hesitate to block them. Some potent red flags are messages like-

“Hey sexy, you are too hot to handle!”

“Hey babe, what’s your favorite position?”

“Hey hottie, let’s have a video chat” (this point is for those who demands video chat on the very first day)

It’s a marathon

Always take online as just a marathon. It’s not a sprint where everything will happen at a breakneck speed. Unless you are too lucky, you may not end up with the first guy you chat to. Remember the 90:10 rule. It says, among 90 guys, 10 guys will be your potent matches. It means you have to be prepared to swim over scores of profiles. So, get exhausted too early.

Keep things breezy

When you start conversation online, you should keep it light, easy and within limits. Do not ever ask him questions that are too personal. You may ask him where he works but not in which designation. Do not ask about his past relationships, at least not on the first meet. These are basic etiquettes and manners everyone should follow. If the guy asks you intimate questions during the very first conversation, look for another match. It only shows he doesn’t care about etiquettes.

Find mutual interests

Try to find out what your crush is passionate about. Check whether you two share a mutual interest. Then, you can revolve a meaty conversation around it.

Don’t try to find your ex’s opposite

It’s common among many women to look for a guy who is completely opposite to her ex. Now, that’s something very lame and will not take you anywhere. Just try to avoid your past relationships into the picture. Proceed with a fresh and decluttered mind. Every person, including your latest crush, has his own flaws and charms. If you continue talking to him, you will gradually discover your new crush’s flaws as well. But if his flaws can be adjusted with, if he seems to be caring, kind and confident and also presentable- give him a shot.

Don’t be afraid to ask him out

The conventional norm is men will ask out a woman for date. But you are a strong independent 21st century woman. There is no rule that says, asking out should be left to men only. If you find him really interesting and he too feels somewhat the same, simply ask him out.

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