No Habla Ingles?

No Habla Ingles?

Why do people think it is acceptable to speak to their friends/co-workers/family in their own language when no one else in the group can understand them? Would they like it if I started speaking in a foreign language around them?No Habla Ingles?

Case in point: I get my nails done at a salon that has only Asian women working there. They all speak English, this I know because they speak to me in English. So I know they can all speak it. But when they speak to each other, it is in their language, and sometimes they laugh and just keep talking and talking, and I can’t help but think “maybe they are talking about me?” Maybe I am just being a little self-conscious, but it’s rude!

It reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where Elaine gets her nails done and swears the ladies there are talking about her, so she gets George’s father, who understands their language, to come on an appointment with her. Turns out, they ARE talking about her and having a good time doing it!

No Habla Ingles?

Maybe I’m just a little paranoid…. but when I see them look at me from the corner of their eyes, and then a few remarks go flying in their language, along with a few smiles or chuckles… well, what’s one to think?? We all know women can be so caddy! YES, we can!!

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